Service in words, service in action

Service is the key to unlocking customer satisfaction, which again is the key for sustainability of any business. At The Financial Mall we understand this very well. The Financial Mall has set strict processes in place to deliver quality services to customers. At The Financial Mall strict quality service standards are set and a well-defined process is established and followed religiously by our quality customer service teams. Performance is evaluated on a frequent basis and glitches are ironed out.

But quality service also involves quality people in addition to processes. The Financial Mall gives significant focus to the proper training and development of the people involved in the service delivery chain.

Further we,

  • Have well-defined "Privacy Policy" to keep clients’ information confidential & internal audits done on the same at regular intervals
  • Receive various statistics which are analyzed on an ongoing basis to improve the service standards

We are committed to improve and enhance our services and undertake new service initiatives. Such and other services differentiate us with other service providers in the industry.

Our Service Commitments …

The service commitments are to guide the actions of the people at The Financial Mall. Clearly stated, customers can freely communicate any such actions/events wherein they feel that any of the following commitments have been breached / compromised. At The Financial Mall we desire to honor our commitments at all points of time and to all our customers without any bias.

  • To provide customer-focused need-based valued services
  • To provide reliable, accurate and timely information
  • To maintain all records in privacy
  • To optimize services / benefits at least justifiable cost
  • To develop and grow the customers’ business
  • To provide constructive after sales service
  • To honor our service commitments