Everyone needs to save for rainy days in non-rainy days. Rain harvesting and savings have this common principle and we learned this from nature. Once you have saved enough to take care of emergencies, you should start investing to make your money grow.

Evaluating the best investment options and identifying the investment plans suitable for your financial situation forms an integral part of financial Management process. Investment options should not be selected at random based on popular recommendations. They have to be critically analysed to evaluate whether they suit your risk appetite or not.

SEBI registered Investment Advisors and Planner in India and can help you plan your investments with wide array of options from equity, bonds, commodities, insurances, government securities, etc. so that you can reap adequate benefits and achieve your financial goals. The Financial Mall is providing Distribution services to its clients for last 28 years.

You don’t need extraordinary intelligence to succeed as an investor, you just need to be more rational. It is important that we bring objectivity to every investment decision being made. While defining your investment plan make sure you:

  • Define the goals and the respective time lines when you want to achieve them.
  • Assess your surplus.
  • Assess your risk profile.
  • Diversify the investment allocations based on your risk appetite.

Sometimes with investment management Advisors also have to take care of investors behaviour management. You don’t have to be smarter than the rest. You have to be more disciplined than the rest.A proper investment plan has the potential to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality. However, your behavioral biases limit this potential thus creating a difference between your expected returns and actual results.

The Investment options which you undertake has to meet your risk appetite parameters and should be in sync with your goals. Even the best Investment Management services in India have to address your risk tolerance levels. In your quest to invest in the best investment plan in India, you should not forget your core investment objectives.

At The Financial Mall you can use automated risk profiler to know your risk appetite before investing. Your SEBI Registered Investment advisor can help you with the techniques of behavioural finance to counter the biases of individuals and help you bring discipline to your investments.

The objective Investment Management will help you to plan your investments. We as investment Distributors in India can help you execute your investments once your SEBI registered Investment advisor assess your risk appetite and risk-taking ability and recommend an asset allocation plan.

In each asset class your planner will recommend a specific set of instruments. Once you decide on the instruments we will also help you execute the investments. The Financial Mall India will be the one stop shop for you to execute your investment decisions.

We provide outstanding long-term investment performance, service and a comprehensive suite of investment options. you can expect a personalized service on your current financial instruments and for the new assets you want to invest. You can channelize your savings with our automated options, get better rewards and monitor the performance of your investments. We also send you regular updates on the performance of your portfolio. Besides we will execute any changes to your portfolio which would be driven entirely by your instruction or objectives, goals timeline, portfolio performance as well as your planners view on the asset classes.

Please note that the information & tools provided above is only for education purpose and we are only Distributors to execute the transaction on the instruction of investors.