At The Financial Mall our goal is simple: to give you the confidence that you will enjoy a secure financial future.
We take the hassle out of organising your finances. No more reams of paper or complicated reports - everything in one place and in good hands. We want you to be in control of your money, not the other way around. We work with you to simplify your financial life, to optimise your investments and help you plan for the future.
Engaging with us is the first step along the path to financial security for you and your family. You'll have peace of mind knowing that we are saving you time and money. You will have clarity and an understanding, perhaps for the first time, of where you stand financially and how you got there. We give you the focus to establish long term goals and provide you with the strategy to achieve them.

Our value proposition to our esteemed clients

We do not suggest that your investments will "outperform" any or all market benchmarks which is an outcome that neither we at The Financial Mall nor any other advisor can control.

We maintain only two things:

First, that the portfolio we recommend will at all times afford, in our judgement, your best chance of achieving your most cherished long-term financial goals.
Second, that the long-term, real-life financial outcome we achieve together will be superior to that realized by the vast plurality of investors.

What we do & how we help

  • Quantifying goals, cradling a long-term plan, funding the plan with a long-term portfolio.
  • Coaching clients to continue working the plan through all the cycles of the economy, and all the fads and fears of the market.
  • Supporting and serving clients with empathy & Integrity at all times, especially when they need most.
  • Intelligent & reliable advisory with fiduciary responsibility.

What we don't do

  • Analyzing / Interpreting the economy and current events, timing the market, calling tops and bottoms.
  • Identifying consistently top-performing investments & delivering extraordinary returns.