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The Financial Mall
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Our Mission and Vision

Our Aspired Vision
We aspire to make people Financially Healthy.
Our Mission
Mission and Vision Our Mission is to Help People Achieving Great Financial Health.

Our mission is to help our clients and their families attain financial peace of mind. We will do this by meticulously planning & providing direction with their investments, emotional support during periods of market volatility and sensible investment strategies that help them reach their financial objectives. We will align our client's financial decisions with their goals, priorities, and values.

We offer our clients investment advice not influenced by commissioned sales products, and will provide our clients with the finest service available in the financial services industry through complete knowledge of products, constant innovation in services and use of the latest technology.

To retain the confidence and trust of our clients through our total commitment to honesty and integrity along with adherence to a strict code of confidentiality and ethics.

To consistently demonstrate our declaration to professionalism and excellence in everything we do.

To communicate a sincere, caring attitude toward every client.

To always place out clients' financial well-being above our own & serving them happily on a long-term basis.
The Core values that drive us underscore our commitment to:
Client Value: To surpass client expectations consistently.

Leadership by Example: To set standards in our business and transactions and be an exemplar for the industry and ourselves.

Integrity and Transparency: To be ethical, sincere and open in all our transactions.

Fairness: To be objective and transaction-oriented, and thereby earn trust and respect.

Excellence: To strive relentlessly, constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services to become the best.

Respect: To give respect to self and others and maintain the environment of team work and growth.

Community: To act with a sense of responsibility and contributing to society, mankind, that define our existence.
Our Edge
Our edge stems from our relentless emphasis on winning the trust of our clients. We look at each client interaction as a part of an ongoing relationship of trust and not as a one-time transactional activity. We seek to build this trust through the following pyramid approach:-
Business Focus Pyramid
Strong Corporate Governance
We believe we can serve our clients best only if we follow an impeccable code of corporate governance. As part of our work-ethic, we strongly believe in the primacy of confidentiality of your information. The information that you share with us will remain strictly with us and will not, under any circumstances be shared with other parties. We have put in place systems to ensure that the data is protected and kept securely for future use by you.

Strong analytical capability and leading edge research
Our academic and experience provide us the ability to develop cutting edge research methodologies and execute against the same. We have built sophisticated analytical tools to enable us to service you better which helps us develop insights that we believe help you model your future situation more accurately.

Integrity Integrity for us means being unbiased by distorted incentives and being independent in our analysis and recommendations. Unlike several other distribution channels, we are not affiliated to a particular fund house or insurance company. This enables us to take an independent view that is best for our clients.

To be a one-stop shop for all your financial needs, we offer execution support. However, we are not influenced by channel commissions on different mutual fund or insurance products. Accordingly, we do not insist that you execute your plan through us. We believe that our integrity is crucial to the most cherished of our edge, our focus on the client.

Client Focus
At the pinnacle of our edge, lies our focus on the client. We believe in understanding your needs and then recommending a suitable strategy or portfolio. Our recommendations are very specific to your financial circumstance and your ability and willingness to take on risk.
Our Philosophy
At The Financial Mall our Service and Investing philosophy inspire and shape the thoughts, beliefs, attitude, actions and decisions of our employees. If The Financial Mall would resemble a body, our philosophy would be our spirit which drives our body.

Service Philosophy:
Our primary measure of success is customer satisfaction ….. We are committed to provide our customers with continuous, long-term improvements and value-additions to meet the needs in an exceptional way. In our efforts to consistently deliver the best service possible to our customers, all employees of The Financial Mall will make every effort to:
  • Think of the customer first, take responsibility, and make prompt service to the customer a priority.
  • Deliver upon the commitments & promises made on time.
  • Anticipate, visualize, understand, meet, exceed our customer’s needs.
  • Bring energy, passion & excellence in everything we do.
  • Be honest and ethical, in action & attitude, and keep the customer’s interest supreme.
  • Strengthen customer relationships by providing service in a thoughtful & proactive manner and meet the expectations, effectively.
Investing Philosophy:
We aim to provide Need-based solutions for long-term wealth creation
We aim to provide all customers of The Financial Mall, directly or indirectly, with true, unbiased, need-based solutions and advice that best meets their stated & un-stated needs. In our efforts to provide quality financial & investment advice, we believe that …
  • Long-term wealth creation is simple and straight
  • Asset-Allocation is the ideal & the best way for long-term wealth creation
  • Educating and disclosing all the important facets which the customer needs to be aware of, is most important
  • The solutions must be unbiased, feasible, practical, executable, measurable and flexible
  • Constant monitoring and proper after-sales service is critical to complete the on-going process

  • At The Financial Mall our aim is to earn the trust and respect of the customers, employees, regulators, industry members and the community at large by following our service and investing philosophy with commitment and without exceptions.
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